Update on School Reopening - September 16

Secondary School Update - Wednesday, September 16
Posted on 09/17/2020

Hello everyone,

 Thanks to all of you for helping support the safety protocols at LDH, as we get the 2020-2021 school year up and running.  We appreciate that many students and families have some anxiety concerning coming back to school.  LDH is committed to minimizing the risks associated with Covid, and we are appreciative of the fact that students have done a great job of following the safety protocols.

We are working through some growing pains as we get our systems up and running. One of the areas that we need to clean up is secondary student cohorts.  Our original plan was to balance the number of students in each cohort for each class.  We have been given the direction that we now need to ensure that students can only be in one cohort (for both classes in term one).  As a result we will need to make some changes to the cohorts.  These changes won’t affect students this week but will come into effect as of Monday, September 21, 2020.  Subject teachers for both classes this term will be emailing students in their classes to let them know if their cohort has changed tomorrow, Thursday, September 17.   Classes won’t change, only the days of the week that students attend in person or online will change for a small group of students.  Students will be grouped according to A-K (Cohort A) or for L-Z (Cohort B).  There will be some exceptions for unique personal circumstances. 

We are attaching a calendar for both terms 1 and 2 that indicate what subject will be covered in each week, and the specific days that cohort A and cohort B will attend.  We hope that this will help with student and family planning. 

The staggered start to the school year has meant that we have focused on specific groups of students.  We are up and running for secondary students returning face to face,  we have welcomed back our intermediate students this week, and students choosing to do virtual school will start on Friday, September 18.  Our focus in now on creating systems to support students who have chosen face to face instruction during their days when they are not in class. 

Students who are working on a subject during a week will have either two or three days of face to face instruction.  On the day when students are not in class they will be working on online material, and material given during their face to face instruction provided by their subject teacher.  In addition students will have a support teacher connected to their class.  The support teachers work with the subject teacher (prime teacher) to become familiar with the course content, get to know the students, and to track student engagement and progress when they are not at school.  When students are learning from home , support teachers may schedule google meets,  offer private one on one help,  direct students to online resources, or have open office hours where students  present problems or ask for help   Support teachers will be reaching out to their classes by Thursday, September 17, for class two, and by Monday, September 21 for class one. 

In addition LDH will be starting its online study hall every afternoon.  The online study hall is a seventy five minute period (1:45 p.m.-3:00 p.m.)where students can consult with a subject specialist to get extra help on their course work.  Students will be given information on how to access the online study hall from their subject teacher on Thursday, Sept. 17. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. We submitted our request to have our son or daughter registered for online learning after Aug. 25.When will we know if we are accepted or not?


    We have a wait list prepared for students and families looking to switch from face to face instruction to online instruction.  The OCDSB’s virtual school is currently timetabling students from the Aug. 25 data.  The next step will be to consider those people who submitted a request for online learning after that date.  The Virtual School is completely separate from LDH and as a result we have no insight or influence in terms of timelines or who gets in.  We will share more information with you as we receive from the online school.


  2. I have put in a request for support in terms of a device or a hotspot?When can I expect these items?

    We have a large demand for technology support in our community.  To date we have provided   over 240 devices to families that have requested support.  We are running out of Chromebooks to lend.  We will do our best to try and provide what equipment we can but we many have to resort to providing one device per family.  We will be contacting families as equipment become available. 


  3. What are the eligibility requirements for Presto Passes (bus passes for OC Transpo)?


Intermediate students that live more than 1.6 km from the school are eligible for a Board Presto Pass.  These passes were given out to students on Monday, Sept. 14 (grade 7’s) and Tuesday, September 15 (Gr. 8’s).


Secondary students that live more than 3.2 km from the school are eligible for a Board Presto Pass.  These passes are available in the main office for students to pick up at their convenience.



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