Stem Cell Registration event on Thurs Mar 28

Stem Cell Registration event on Thurs Mar 28 for Gr 12 students
Posted on 03/21/2024
Students will learn about stem cell donation, and can then decide if they would like to register to be a donor. Registration is voluntary. Most individuals on the registry will never be called to donate, but if they are called at a future date they could save a life!
Why stem cells? Stem cells are responsible for making red blood cells and cells required for the immune system. They originate in the bone marrow and circulate throughout the bloodstream. Individuals with bone marrow illnesses or who have been treated for cancer may no longer have functioning stem cells and will require a life-saving stem cell transplant. 
It is important that donor stem cells match the recipient's stem cells. Outside of one's family, the best chance for finding a match is among those who share their ethnic background. For this reason, Canadian Blood Services is particularly grateful for registrants from diverse ethnic backgrounds so that ALL patients have access to this life-saving procedure.

Canadian Blood Services - Stem Cells for Life
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